Current Market Valuations

If you are considering selling your property, or you are curious of knowing the value of your house you can find it out by filling in a few steps on this website. This website is a wholly, Australian possession for the public to do a research on factors that influence your property value and other important information which refers to selling a house or property. Applying is free, the service is free and there are no obligations.

Our qualified consultants will give you a professional valuation on your property by filling in a few steps, and you will get your valuation for free. This valuation can only be used as a guide, it is not accurate. And you will receive the valuation after maybe 4 days.

A few details we need are:

  • The type of property you own, is it an apartment, a townhouse etc.
  • The condition of your property, does it need work, is it in excellent condition etc.
  • The amount and size of your bed and bath room.
  • Contact details.

After this a qualified agent will be represented to you to take on an on-site inspection for an exact market valuation. We have a wide network of real estate agents, which will follow up quick to all inquiries. There are a lot of factors influencing the value of your house or property like the area it is located. Our agents have the knowledge of all these factors, so they know what the real estate market is.

Other influencing factors are:

  • The unique characteristics of your property.
  • The other properties on the market.
  • The schools, universities, libraries, police stations, and other important buildings nearby.
  • Latest sales of other properties that are a bit similar to your properties.

An accurate report will be formatted by our agent for your property, with the exact appraisal value. When you are selling your property, people will drive past it to view it from the outside. And the first impression will make them book an appointment or search for another property, this is why the outside of your home should look a little bit pleasing.

Valuer Tips For A Higher Market Price:

  • Driveway areas and flower beds should be cleaned up. No grass or weeds should be in sight.
  • Your entrance must be free from junk, you can place a hanging basket or a planter.
  • Make sure that the property number or name can be noticed from a few miles away.
  • Wash the in and outside of doors and windows and their frames.
  • If somewhere is painted and the paint is not in good condition. Do something about it. Repaint it or get rid of the paint.
  • Large bins must be removed or screened off.

Here are a few tips on giving the inside of your home an attractive and friendly looking image:

  • If your decoration is in a lot of (strong) shades try to redecorate into neutral colors.
  • Items should be properly pitched and shown to their best advantage.
  • Get rid of the things you do not use, and the things you do not use often can be pitched away in a storage unit or loft.
  • The inside of cupboards should be cleaned. And the contents in it should be removed for buyers will look at the storage capacity they have.
  • Clean all carpets if you can or hire a professional cleaning company. The carpet will have a less mat appearance. Which will result in a less smelling atmosphere and a brighter atmosphere.
  • Transform your bathroom into a clean and spotless environment by cleaning it.
  • Increase the buyers their sense of space, by re-arranging furniture or storing it or getting rid of it.
  • For small areas that have a minimum amount of good lighting, use accent lighting, a mirror, or lamps to increase its lighting.
  • Get rid of unnecessary furniture or stickers or wallpaper, in short everything that is too much on the floor. Keep in mind it is all about increasing their sense of space.
  • Before viewing, get rid of pet accessories like their beds or bowls, because not all viewers love animals.
  • If you are cooking or baking try to do it after the viewers are gone or 4 to 7 hours before they arrive. The smell of it can be repulsive.
  • Do not spray too much air freshener or use a lot of (strong) disinfectants, just leave the doors and windows open for clean and fresh oxygen.
  • Fresh flowers have a refreshing look and can increase the interest of the viewers. Try putting a vase of flowers in the reception room or the hallway.